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M2 Light Stop collects the most suitable and finest commercial lighting fixtures. Our service is not limited in quality products, but also clients' s experiences, no matter in e-purchasing, usage, resources and after service. Check it out from our site, Optimizing all the time !

Main Products: LED Channel Letters, Mean Well Power Supply, LED Spotlights & Strips, Slim Light Boxes, and Bespoke Shop Counters.

We are just the carrier of China' s Finest lights.

- Haimi.Z and Jenne.G, Founder

M2 Advantages

1) We are not factory, so you have more choices and offer real one stop service.
We are in local China and familar to the Chinese lighting market. Each line has 2 ~ 3 quality factories. They are hand-picked from around 15 factories which are selected from thousands of suppliers through internet or coorperated before with good experiences.

What' s more, your products are QC by both the factories and M2. This is the reason M2 can offer the most suitable and finest lightings.

2) M2 is a small company.
We’re able to do a lot of things the big guys can’t. Being small lets us offer you the lowest prices, provide better/faster service, and also give you the top-notch experience that a big corporation can't compete with.

Customers always let us know they tried the big guys first, only to end up shopping with us and wishing they'd done it sooner. We love hearing this, because it confirms that we're doing things right.

3) We' ve been doing this a long time.
If you ever email us or open our live chat, you can be sure that the person on the other end has been doing this for many years. After solviing various issues, we know how to reduce clients' s headache and cost no matter in products or international trading.

4) Fast Process & Delivery
Our standard lights can be processed within 3 working days, and customized signs or lightboxes within 5 working days.
Even it is international shipping, you can get your products from 3 to 5 working days after loaded at minimal cost.

So it costs around a week to get your products after payment. It is quicker than local trading sometimes.

5) We actually have a return policy.
We offer return & refund services for issues caused by our side. And you can get quick refund as soon as the issues confirmed, not next order or any other excuses. See our warranty service.

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