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Retail Shop Whole Solution

M2 Beauty Shop in Shop Project

M2 Retail Display design | Manufacture
Considering lighting are so important for the whole shops, M2 selected high quality lighting fixtures based on projects experiences and keep ahead.

M2 is professional in whole shop display projects and arranged many shops to worldwide, including Jewellery/ Watch/ Cosmetics/ Beauty/ Phone/ Sunglass retail shops, shop in shop for mall center (kiosk).
Services includes,

Design: plan, 3D, construction drawing. ---- Around a week.
customized wood, metal, marble display. --- Around 20 days.
Delivery: by sea --- around 10 days to Asian, 27 days to European; by air or Express --- 3 ~ 7 days.
Installation: Coorperated with UK, USA, Cananda, Austrilia, Japan installation companies.


Why need M2?

Quality control
Years experience in foreign trading & retail market, we know what you need and what you hate;
Stayed in factories, we know the comom issues and how to control;
As a trading company near the factory, more supports and simple communication to control materials, craft, finish quality on site.

Time control
We attend production meeting before production starts, to discuss all the details and make the schedule.
Then follow each process, from purchasing, wood structure, metal structure, painting, installaion, delivery, to make sure process in time.
You can get report from each process, even there are complex issues, there are optional solutions.

Competive Price

M2 Profits are just 10% ~ 20%, and get much better offer from factories. Because we are similar to their sales department.
So the final price is similar to quotation you coorperated with factory directly.

If it costs $10 for you to get A+, but $5 for M2 to get A+, why not choose M2 and you do more important and professional things.

After service

With M2' s arrangement, most issues can be found and solved in the factory, if not and by caused M2 or factory' sides, best compesation will be made.
We have coorperated installation companies worldwide, they can solve simple issues. For big issues, we can fly to the shop and solve it.
What' s more, M2 visit our clients regular for better communication and trust.


M2 Coorperated Factories

Bespoke/ Customized Shop Display manufacture

It is not very big, just 5,000 square meters, with 1 designer, 2 engineers, and around 40 workers.This is the reason we are flexible and passionate to offer best service.

We can handle wood, metal, marble display well in medium to high end quality.

It will be produced here if shops are less than 10 or cabinets less than 100 sets.

Wholesales Shop Display Manufacture

30,000 sq. meters, ISO 9001 certificate, with 20 CAD designers, 15 engineers, 350 workers.

complete metal, wood, paint, acylic, sign workshops. Only accept wholesales orders, like metal display counters over 50 sets, wooden coutners over 100 sets.

Most parts are manufactured by automate machine with fine finish.

The vivo phone below will be delivered to China, European and india, 6000 sets/ month, price is just $298 UDS.

Wholesales Manufacture for retail shops

Check more retail shop projects, please visit M2

M2 Lighting Design | Solution

Good lighting goes beyond efficiency and functionality as more and more importance is placed on the emotional influence of lighting to create the desired retail atmosphere, affect mood and increase sales.

M2 Lighting Solution

In fact, quality lighting can provide retailers with a trading advantage, customers are attracted to stores with well thought-out lighting and are encouraged to dwell for longer, increasing the opportunity to spend.
The fundamental rules retail lighting needs to
Follow are:

Take into account energy efficient technology such as LED.
The safety of the customers and employees.
The ambience you wish the lighting to create.
A balance with window lighting, illuminated signs, display lighting, colour appearance and colour rendering.
The impact of illuminance levels.

The Psycho-physiological aspects on visual comfort and lighting well-being.

Our design has more than 10 years experience in commerical lighting, who is also a lighting engineer and love lighting. What' s more, he designs many lighting products.

For more information on how M2 Light can help contact us,

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