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The world's leading one kilowatt LED lights

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Fujian enterprise publishing a kilowatt-class LED packaging technology challenges of 1000 watts COB
July 14 afternoon, the Fujian Branch core source of K-COB media exchanges in the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Haixi (CAS substance structure) held, the scene has released the world's leading kilowatt LED packaging technology.

Fujian Branch Co., Ltd. is the core source of Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Haixi (CAS substance structure) and the Federation of entrepreneurs in Fujian Province set up business matchmaking. As the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Haixi (CAS Institute of structure of matter) only LED technology transfer and industrialization base platform, relying on the CAS Branch core source of technological innovation, challenge a 1000 watt class COB technology ( "K-COB technology") limits .
Currently, the market is stable and reliable use of fluorescent plastic packaged LED light source can do the maximum power 200W. Therefore, LED in recent years, although large-scale lighting into the home, but can not replace square lighting, industrial lighting, port lighting and other traditional power metal halide lighting market.
Fujian Branch of the core source Co. executive vice president and chief technology officer Yeshang Hui said that all these years, in the core subjects to transform the LED light source through a transparent fluorescent ceramic material to break from the source material, plus a special process and structure, and then developed a 1000W super high-power LED light source. Fluorescent transparent ceramic material having a thermal conductivity higher, high temperature, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and other characteristics, to replace the traditional fluorescent plastic as LED encapsulating material, under the same conditions, LED products have a higher stability and reliability .
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