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Antique Bronze metal letters Sign
  • Antique Bronze metal letters Sign
  • Antique Bronze metal letters Sign
  • Antique Bronze metal letters Sign
  • Antique Bronze metal letters Sign

Antique Bronze metal letters Sign

Antique Bronze PVD Stainless Steel Letters Flat or Round Face

SKU: MCL605 WT/MEAS: customized MOQ: 1 cm
  • Wholesale Price(cm):
  • Quantity:
  • Lead Time:
    3 ~ 5 workding days
  • Warranty:
    1 years
  • Total Cost:
Item Specifcs
Brand Name: M2 Place of Original: Guangdong, China
Model: MCL605 Wattage:
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About Sample

Free Sample ---- $19.8 including DHL Express Cost Worldwide !

In order to know M2 channel letters better, free sample is available and you just need to pay $19.8 DHL cost.


Product Features

No Lit Stainless Steel Letters
Company lobby logo
Flat/ Round/ Prismatic Face Options
Reverse Lit Options

Product Photos

It is Antique style but in PVD Craft which is enviroment friendly and cheaper.




And Face can also be Round or Prismatic, Following are more option Stainless Steel PVD colors in Round face.







Prismatic Style





Materials & Craft

| Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is much stronger, flexible and widely used, it is normally 1mm thick alloy 304 style (#304 C). Finish is very luxury, and welcomed by brands.

Finish: Polished (mirror) / Brushed.

Polished: It is the original stainless steel finish, just like a mirror and is easy to have finger print. It is suggest to add anti-finger lacquer for touchable letters.

Brushed: also called dull polished, normally in unidirectional satin finish and has a matt feeling.



Original stainless steel colors can not statisfied the big market, so more and more colors are available.

Pure metal color

--- Ion plating craft: a metal color film deposition on the stainless steel surface in intense heat space.

Gold, red, champagne colors, together with colors similar to brass, bronze, Titanium, nickel, etc.

The color is much pure. if you need antique finish, it needs handmade craft to make it, suggest Galvanic plating.


cheap antique metal colors


Un-pure metal color (craft cost is two times than ion plating)

--- Galvanic plating craft: chemical or auto-catalytic plating in normal temperature, the color is mixed into the stainless steel, so color is durable. But it is not friendly to enviroment.

mixed colors, antique feel.


Painting Colors

Cartier insist stainless steel in red painting because they need the brushed finish.

If your signage is interior and do not insist brushed finish, it is suggested iron return because the surface is nearly the same and cost effective.


Quality Standard


Fine Craft
If installation height is under 3m, it will be fine craft. Perfect in 360° & details.

eg. small-medium channel letter (10 ~ 40 cm ) at the Till Counters, Wall Image, Shopping Mall Shop Front, etc.

Normal Craft
If installation height is above 3m, it is suggested normal craft. Cost will be cheaper, and the joint is nearly invisible after installed in such height.
eg. Large signage on the external building (50 cm ~ 120 cm).

Please choose fine craft for install height is under 3m, or there is 1 m welding edge visible at side !

The Difference between Fine Craft & Normal Craft: joint line.


Please check the visibility chart to decide your logo sizes.

*Letter Visibility Chart
This letter visibility chart is based upon information  provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council (USSC).

Viewing Distance

Minimum Required
Letter Height

3048 cm 10 cm
7620 cm 25 cm
10975 cm(city block) 40 cm
15, 240 cm 56 cm
22,860 cm 85 cm
30,480 cm 110 cm
40,235 cm (1/4 mile) 145 cm

Calculations based on an externally (or naturally) lit sign with all upper case Helvetica letters utilizing optimal negative space.  Factors that may affect required letter size are: color scheme, font selection, traffic and weather conditions, or sign standoff.  Please refer to the complete study for additional information.  For further details contact the USSC at 1-215-785-1922.

Cost Calculation


One or both Length < 100 cm, Channel Letter Lenth Calculation

eg. '2' in the photo above, L1=130cm, L3=80cm, 2 cost = 130cm x unit price

eg. 'D' in the photo above, L4=55cm, L5=70cm, D cost = 70cm x unit price

both Length > 100 cm, Channel Letter Length Calculation

eg. 'M' in the photo above, L1=130cm, L2=110cm, M cost = 1.1 x 1.3 x unit price (contact us for quotation)


If one letter length > 70 cm (eg. 'M' & '2'), please contact us with logo file. Thanks !

Products Package

Inner Packing

Each letter has sperated thick  resist film, each layer and side are sperated by plastic foam.


Externer Packing

it is different based on styles & sizes, which is safe enough & cost effective.
Express or Air transport is much stronger than sea transport considering the impacts during the delivery.


Delivery & Warranty

Channel Letter Production Time: 3 ~ 5 working days.


If you need them urgently, we can quicken it, but it is not suggested shorter than 3 working days.

Delivery Method

Express: DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS (door to door service) ----2 ~ 7 days, suggest for small-medium items, less than 50kg.

Air Transportation (door to port service) --- 2 ~ 7 days, suggest for medium-large items, 50kg +,

Sea Transportation (port to port service) --- 25 ~ 40 days, suggest for medium-large items and not in hurry, 200kg +.

click here to know more.


1 years from the items received.

If you’re having trouble or think your product is acting up, get in touch with us as soon as possible and we’ll make it right.

See our Warranty Service.


Channel Letters are customs made items, which do not apply to 30-day money back garantee by client' s side.

Please use our power supply to test all the channel letters as soon as you get the parcels

What' s in the box:

1. channel letters

2. Drawings & Install Templates

Installation Manual

Enclosed are metal letters installation.

1. check all the channel letters before installation.

2.Fix the Drawing & Install Template, and install the letter on site (see bracket installation and/ or mounting stud installation).

*Drawing & Install Template: Full size plot drawing from the plant, showing actual style and size desired by customer.

Drawings & Install-Templates-to-install-channel-letters


Expert Advice

Perfect choice for reception wall & building signage. Optional reverse lit.
Sorry, not information.
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